Advice on antibiotics foe h pylori cure

Unless you have been specifically prescribed these antibiotics by a doctor to treat this specific problem, you should certainly not start taking these or any other antibiotics on your own. You should never take antibiotics without a prescription — this is both because of the possible side effects and the chances of causing the pathogens to become resistant to the antibiotics. The use of antibiotics is quite complex, and only a doctor has the knowledge, skill, and experience to decide which antibiotics are needed for your specific problem, the strength of the dose, whether any combination of drugs is necessary, whether the benefits are worth the side effects, and whether you need to take any precautions or other drugs to counter the side effects. In addition, if the dose is incorrect or the medication is stopped too early, the bacteria will develop resistance to the medication, and you will then need stronger antibiotics.

Broccoli is supposed to be good for getting rid of h. pylori, but if you have been prescribed these medicines, you should certainly take them, and not use broccoli as a replacement. At the same time, make sure that the doctor is aware of any other health problems that you have or medications that you are on, and if you have any concerns, you should discuss them with the doctor, if necessary even getting a second opinion.

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