How can I get energy, are there any remedies for this?

I suppose you are referring to your constant feeling of being fatigued and would like to know if there is any way in which you can stop feeling so tired. If your tiredness is a constant problem, then you should consult your doctor. If you notice other symptoms like dizziness, loss of sensation, you should consult your doctor.

In order to feel energetic you will need to ensure that you get good sleep at night. Without a rested night you will never feel as if you are energetic. Some physical exercise is absolutely necessary and you can go out to walk, jog or play something. Your food intake should consist of food that adds to your energy levels. You should completely stop eating chocolate, food with sugar or cheese in it. Instead, you should eat large quantities of fresh fruits and salads. Lean meat, fish and eggs should feature in your diet. Sugared drinks, coffee and tea should be eliminated from your lifestyle. Instead you should drink plenty of fresh milk. Eat lots of dates and raisins. If your work involves standing on your feet all day, you should ensure that you get some breaks at regular intervals. You should drink a glass of lemon juice to which some sugar and a pinch of salt have been added.

answered by M W

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