Restore Voice with Natural Remedies: I have lost my voice and I was just asking what is best to get it right.

A voice that has gone away temporarily can have many reasons. An inflamed larynx is usually the commonest one. This problem could occur due to a physical injury, sinus, a cold, an infection or a sore throat. The cure would depend on the reason for your hoarse voice. If you have had an injury of any kind, or smoke inhalation, then you need to simply soothe your throat and provide it rest. Avoid talking too much, and have a teaspoon of honey mixed in warm water every three hours. This should show good results after a day or so. If you have blocked sinuses, unblock them by steaming your entire face with water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil or Vicks Vaporub in it. This will clear your sinuses and help get rid of some of the hoarseness or your voice.

If you have a severe cold and this has resulted in you losing your voice, sip hot tea with a small piece of cinnamon, a cardamom, a few ground peppercorns, ginger, lemongrass and holy basil. This tonic and will instantly open up your voice. Make a paste of holy basil, a few white peppercorns and honey and keep licking this. This will also help you find your voice again. If you have an infection, drink a hot glass of milk with a couple of pinches of turmeric powder thrown in.

answered by M W

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