Home remedies for heat rash and sun burn

If you have excess sun burn, the best remedy for instant relief is to apply a paste made of clarified butter and turmeric powder, which will help to heal and disinfect the burn in as little as a day. In order to get momentary relief from the burning sensation, you can apply an ice-pack to the burnt area. You can also apply chilled vinegar. If possible, try to soak in a tub to which you have added chilled tea bags. The tea will help to remove anti-oxidants from your body and help to heal the sunburn. Make it a point to drip dry after a bath as using a towel will irritate your burns. You can also buy something known as preparation H, which is easily available at all pharmacies and apply this to the excessively burnt areas.

For heat rash, you can apply prickly heat powder to ease the itching sensation. If you cannot find any, you can also use any baby powder to dust off your body after a bath. This will prevent excess sweating and help with the prickly heat. You can also soak in a tub of cool water to which you have added about a gallon of buttermilk. This will also help to ease the prickly heat. A paste made of sandalwood powder and rose water will heal and provide cooling relief as well. Try to wear loose clothing which will go a long way towards not aggravating the situation.

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