Infant sinus treatment

Sinusitis occurs when you have suffered some infection of the nose. You will find that the cavities around your nose and your mouth are filled with liquid. This causes pain and makes you feel uncomfortable and unwell. Sinusitis in the case of a baby is likely to be even more complicated to treat. You should consult your baby's doctor about the condition.In the meanwhile, what you can do is use a hot towel on the areas around the nose and the mouth. Use a folded up handkerchief on a hot pan. This will heat up the cloth. You can then apply to the area around the nose and mouth. Check the temperature before you use it on the baby.

When you put your baby to bed ensure that his pillow is slightly elevated. This will help the baby breath easier. You can also heat two or three tablespoons of oil. You can use any oil - coconut, olive, sesame. Simply heat the amount of oil mentioned. Crumble three or four tablets of camphor into this. Ensure that the oil doesn't get too hot. Mix the camphor and then turn off the gas. You can apply this to your child's chest and back. This will help ease the breathing.

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