I recently heard something about duct tape treating warts. can you follow up on this?

Duct tape is an all-purpose household fix that is used for variety of household and medical purpose including removal of wart. Researchers say that over-the-counter duct tape is a cheap, effective and less painful option to freeze, dry or remove warts.

The duct tape is believed to irritate the wart by peeling off dead tissues and skin from the wart. The use of this tape also results in an immune system reaction that inhibits the growth of wart.

People today are using duct tapes to remove warts because this tape helps in peeling off wart tissues and eliminating virus that caused the infection. Duct tape is also believed to stimulate activation of immune system that attacks the virus residing in the skin, thereby preventing re-formation of wart.

To use the duct tape, you need clean the area around the wart and securely stick the tape on the wart. Keep the tape for about 6 to seven days and gently remove it. You will see some of the dead skin also peeling off. Soak the wart in warm water and use a filing board to remove dead skin and tissues.

Another way of using duct tape for wart removal is the use of salicylic acid. This acid is available over the counter. Cover the acid with duct tape and leave overnight. Following morning remove the tape and see some dead skin tissues peeling off along with the tape. Repeat the process for about one month or even more until the wart is completely removed.

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