Advice regarding yoghurt for yeast infection cure

Never use any kind of additives in yoghurt. Neither flavored nor fruit based yoghurt will help in curing yeast infections. Yoghurt that is unsalted and non-flavored and which has a good dose of probiotics in nature is the ideal solution for those with yeast infections. A regular consumption of yogurt including the Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria is the best preventative and curative of candidasis or vaginal yeast infections. Look out for yoghurt that says "live cultures "on the labels or anywhere displayed on the cover of the yoghurt that you are buying.

Medical analysts have discovered that consuming yogurt on a daily basis can help fend off the Candida yeast. Studies also reveal that even in the case of an infection the yeast actually stops growing with the intake of yoghurt.

While some medical researchers also contend that in addition to consuming the live cultured yoghurt, applying the same directly on to the affected region in the vagina also prevents and keeps the over growth in check. A tablespoon of cultured yoghurt inserted through an applicator treats infections and many women clam to swear by this therapy. Make sure to see that the yoghurt you use to apply is neither sweetened nor flavored, since sugar by itself or in fruits can instead cause the yeast to grow even further.

answered by K C

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