My mother is suffering from a very bad yeast infection. She had not been taking antibiotics, but she has recently started taking probiotics. Could this cause a yeast infection?

Yeast infection is a fairly common condition that most people have suffered at one time or the other. This infection is caused by the yeast that is found in various parts of the body. Yeast is usually found in the vagina, the mouth, the digestive tract and the bowels. Women suffering from a yeast infection usually complain of itching, a burning sensation when passing urine and often notice a discharge.

When there is a sudden imbalance in the yeast that your body houses this can result in an infection. A change in diet, certain medication, a change in the weather are some of the reasons for the development of a yeast infection. However, it is always advisable to consult a doctor who can help you with new medication or give you advice on tackling the infection.

I would suggest that your mother give extra attention to the matter of her personal hygiene. Since yeast flourish in warm, moist places, it makes sense to ensure that your body is as dry as possible. Dry yourself well after a bath. Avoid using harsh soaps or highly scented toiletries. Always dry yourself well after a visit to the bathroom. Avoid using rough toilet roll or even the scented variety. Avoid tight clothes, and opt for light and loose cotton clothes.

Increase your intake of fresh vegetables and ensure that yoghurt is part of your daily intake.

answered by G M

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