What can i do to help bronchitis, ease it or get it away quicker

Bronchitis is a severe health condition that results in the inflammation of bronchi. This inflammation of the bronchi further causes persistent cough and production of sputum. Bronchitis generally disappears after a few days but the cough caused due to this inflammation may stay for longer. Aromatherapy is one of the effective cures for bronchitis. Inhaling eucalyptus oil is the most beneficial cure for relieving inflamed lungs. You can also make use of cayenne pepper to break up the congestion and provide relief. Another useful cure for bronchitis is a mixture of juice extracted from garlic and ginger. If you consume the mixture about four to five times a day, the symptoms of bronchitis will be effectively cured.

A tea prepared from an herb known as creosote bush is also believed to be one of the most renowned natural cures for bronchitis and other respiratory problems. A tea made from an herb known as pleurisy root is also useful for treating the symptoms of bronchitis. This tea helps in drawing out mucus and phlegm. An herb known as coltsfoot is also considered a natural healing for bronchitis. Coltsfoot has expectorant properties that help in stimulating the microscopic hairs responsible for pulling mucus from the airways. This herb also helps in suppressing the production of protein that activates spasms in the bronchus.

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