why do people get skin disease? And how can it be cured

Causes and home remedies for skin diseases

There are different kinds of skin diseases like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and vitiligo etc. they can be caused due to the allergic reactions by the immune system to outer agents or other irritants. Poor blood circulation, stress, allergies, hot or cold weather or over production of the oil glands in the skin can cause skin diseases. Use of steroids, injury, infection, certain illnesses, sunburn, accidents or genetic factors are some other causes for carious kinds of skin diseases.

There are several home remedies which can be used according to the skin disease for relief from the condition.

If you have dermatitis, then stay away from the irritant and use antihistamines. For statis dermatitis you will need to keep your legs elevated as it is caused due to poor blood circulation. Take a warm oatmeal bath or apply mud packs, evening primrose oil, chamomile oil, nettles and cleavers to the affected areas.

Soak in a bath containing chamomile or salt water. Drink herbal teas prepared from burdock root, dandelion root or Oregon grape. Drink lots of fluids and eat a nutritious diet which consists of large amounts of turkey, fish, lettuce, lemons, parsley, limes, celery and other fruits and vegetables and foods containing a lot of fibers.

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