I am a diabetic and suffer from chronic yeast infection. I have been treating it with medication with short term relief. Is there anything I can do at home to help?

As a diabetic, you must obviously avoid all sugar-based products. This is also a great way to reduce your infection, as yeast grows on sugar. Yeast infection has several very effective, tried-and-tested home remedies. One of them is the humble kitchen garlic. Garlic is a known natural antibiotic. Ingest it as whole or in a water-paste that you can apply to your vagina. Sometimes, patients with this particular disorder have reported relief by simply inserting cloves of garlic into the vagina. Drink lots (at least 12 glasses) of water daily. This is a therapy that will work in good stead throughout your life.

Consuming a lot of yoghurt is good too. The yoghurt can also be internally. But remember to use only non processed, plain, non-sweetened yoghurt. Avoid sugar consumption, as failing to do this will increase you fungus growth even more. This is simply because yeast grows on sugar!

Avoid birth control pills as they will weaken the immune system. Wear only cotton underwear and that too underwear that is not tight. All this is to give your crotch area maximum ventilation, cooling and minimum perspiration. Yeast flourishes in warm and humid places. So, you have to keep yourself the exact opposite - cool & dry!

And of course, the most obvious - avoid yeast! If all of these do not reduce the yeast infection, rush to the gynecologist.

answered by G M

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