Remedies for Mouth Blisters: I drank very very hot water by mistake and now I have big blister in mouth and my throat has burned badly. I am not able to speak or eat anything. Please help me.

The kind of blister that results from the symptoms that you have described is very common and is nothing to worry about it. You can get burned like when you drink something very hot such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Many people also get such blisters or burns in their mouths, especially on the roof of their mouths, when they eat very hot food like pizza. The best way to deal with mouth blisters like this is to give it some time to heal on its own. Because of how easily an infection can be contracted through food, the mouth is amongst the fastest healing parts of the body.

The most common medications used to heal sores or the teeth are usually nothing more than numbing agents and do not really assist in the healing process. Hence it is advisable that you avoid these medications completely. You can also gargle using a solution of salt and water. These two ingredients create a saline mixture, which sterilizes blisters and sores while they are healing in your mouth. You can also try drinking aloe vera juice that is readily available from a health food store as this will soothe the blister. Ensure that you avoid coffee, citrus fruits, and foods that are salty and spicy. You should Also avoid foods that are abrasive and that might end up irritating the sore.

answered by G M

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