i have bells palsy last 2.5 maonth ago what is good treatment for me i want recover very fast

Bell's palsy natural treatment

The primary method of a quick recovery from Bells Palsy is rest. If you have been resting, you should be able to recover fairly quickly. However, there are symptomatic treatments available. Put ordinary rice in a sock, heat this and apply to the affected area. This will relieve any pain or discomfort. Wear dark glasses and keep moisturizing the eyes with rose water. Food particles can lodge themselves between the cheek and gum, so take extra care that this does not happen. Massage your face with olive oil, manually lifting the affected side. This will help your muscles regain flexibility. Try to smile a lot – this also activates muscles. A teaspoon each of raw honey and organic apple cider mixed into a cup of water will help fight any possibility of infection and also add to your general well-being. A method called hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also known to have shown effective results in speeding up treatment of bells Palsy. This is a method of breathing in 100 per cent oxygen, and must be done under medical supervision. The most effective known method of treating is homeopathy, and the most popular medicine used is Causticum. Stress also plays a role in preventing healing, so make sure you keep yourself stress free during this time.

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