Treatment for bells palsy in teenagers

Treatment for bells palsy 

Bell's palsy is a disorder that affects the facial nerve, causing it to loose its normal functioning capabilities. This generally results in the paralysis of the facial muscles on side that is affected. Although little is known about the disease, some evidence suggests that it is caused by a viral infection. Although some patients suffer from it indefinitely, many people suffering from palsy recover within a short period after the onset of the disease. Reducing one's blood sugar level and blood pressure are very effective measures to prevent relapses.

As the strength of the face muscles returns, massaging your face for about 15-20 minutes helps in regaining further movement. You can apply warm olive oil and massage your face, then cover it with tobacco leaves and tie the leaves to your face with a handkerchief. Sleeping like this for about three to four nights usually results in some improvement.

Getting rest is directly beneficial during treatment, and maintaining a light diet will avoid the problem of food sticking in affected side of the mouth. You could also try palsitin, a natural medicine designed specifically to treat palsy. It is homeopathic and approved by the FDA, however it is advisable to consult your physician before using the medicine, as the dosage required varies from person to person.

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