Advice on preponing menstrual cycle

how do i prepone the menustrual cycle to 5 days earlier

Is it possible to delay the menstrual cycle naturally?

  • A natural way to postpone periods is to ensure that you consume foods that cool the body, such as buttermilk, cucumber and watermelon.
  • If you are keen on postponing the menstrual cycle naturally then you could also try consuming some fried gram lentil soup on a daily basis at least a week prior to the scheduled date of menstruation.
  • Another natural way to postpone periods is to avoid the consumption of foods that increase the heat in the body such as red meats, spicy foods, sesame, papayas etc as well as spices such as chilly, ginger, garlic and pepper.
  • Exercising regularly and more than usual just before the periods is also known to be useful in postponing the menstrual cycle as it affects the metabolism.
  • As far as possible one should drink plenty of water as this helps in cooling the body.
  • There are also certain herbs that one may consume in order to postpone the periods naturally, however you should be careful that you do not consume a combination of these herbs together as they may have an adverse effect on the body.

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Reasons for delay in menstrual cycle?

There are plenty of woman who can tell exactly when their menstrual periods will be due. Hence when there is any kind of delay in the menstrual cycle occurring, it can cause some concern. For a lot of women, it is fairly common that their menstrual cycle be delayed or at times even absent. However it is always recommended that you should ascertain the reasons for delayed period as it may be indicative of some other underlying health condition. Pregnancy is one of the common reasons for delay in a woman's menstrual cycle. If you have been sexually active, then there is a possibility that the absence of menstrual cycle would indicate pregnancy. Breastfeeding is another common reason for a woman getting delayed periods. When a woman is nursing, it usually leads to delayed or even absent menstrual periods throughout the period of her breastfeeding. Breastfeeding normally prevents ovulation from occurring for at least six months. However pregnancy may occur even while breastfeeding and can be the other cause of a delayed period. Medication may be another reason for a delayed menstrual cycle. There are certain drugs and even hormonal contraceptives that cause a period to be late or absent.

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Causes of bleeding after menstrual cycle?

If you experience bleeding after your menstrual cycle is over, it is necessary that you give this condition immediate attention as it could be indicative of some underlying medical condition. Some of the medical conditions may be severe and some can be some common ailment. However the woman should always seek medical advice to correctly ascertain the root cause of bleeding after a menstrual cycle is over. One of the common reasons for bleeding during a menstrual cycle includes fluctuations in your hormonal levels. Too high or too low estrogen levels can cause you to experience intermittent bleeding post or pre a menstrual cycle. Another cause of bleeding may be attributed to the woman having sustained some kind of vaginal injury. A woman's vagina is a delicate area and trauma of any kind may cause it to bleed. Some injuries and ailments like yeast infections, STD's, bacterial infections, insertion of any kind of sharp foreign object, rough sex may cause a woman to bleed. Usually some of these ailments or injuries may also be accompanied by fever, pain or discharge. Sometimes an IUD or Intrauterine Device may also cause a woman to bleed. If the IUD is not inserted properly, it may get dislodged and cause damage in the uterus.

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A gynaecologist will be able to help you with this

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