What will help with macular degeneration?

Herbal remedies for Macular degeneration

  • Ginkgo biloba: is helpful to treat macular degeneration in the early stage. A recommended dose is between 120 to 240 mg of a standardized extracts. It can taken in the form of capsules or tablets per day.
  • Bilberry: The active flavonoid compounds and anthocyanosides present in bilberry, provide antioxidants in the retina. This helps as a supplement. This herb would be of value in he treatment at an early stage. Bilberry has proven to strengthen the capillaries and reducing the bleeding in retina. An ideal amount to be taken is between 480-600 mg per day of bilberry extracts.

You will also benefit form these tips:

  • Gaze in the dark or in the shade.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, as it casts additional strain on the retina. Sunrays may also damage receptors in the eye.
  • Wear a pair of sunglasses that filter the ultraviolet rays.
  • Eat five to six servings of fruits and vegetables per day.
  • Include one serving of dark green leafy vegetables.
  • Spinach are considered ideal food for eyes. A bunch of spinach contains nutrients, like beta-carotene, zinc, and magnesium. These nutrients are known to improve blood flow to the eye and also save the retina from the harsh effects of macular degeneration.
  • High blood levels of antioxidants are also known to lower the risk of macular degeneration. Foods rich in antioxidants, selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C have proven to lower the risk of developing macular degeneration.

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