what are the characteristics of whooping cough?

Characteristics of Whooping Cough

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a highly infectious infection in the respiratory tract. The initial stage is definitely a normal cough which further leads to severe, hacking cough followed by high pitched inhaling that sounds like ‘whoop’.

The basic characteristics of whooping cough are a running nose, nasal congestion, mild fever, dry cough, sneezing, red eyes and loss of appetite. Once the condition aggravates due to prolonged infection, the person may develop severe symptoms such as coughing attacks associated with phlegm and fatigue. In children, worsen condition of whooping cough can show signs of vomiting, red or blue face and severe coughing attacks with a extremely high pitched ‘whoop’ sound.

The incidence of whooping cough has increased in children who have lower immunity or those who have not completed their vaccination. Most of these cases can be treated using various natural and home remedies. You can try some of the below mentioned remedies for curing whooping caught before it gets fatal.

Herbs like aloe Vera, comfrey, alfalfa, ginger, calamus, licorice and onion are the most effective remedy for treating whooping cough. Aloe Vera taken with honey reduces the number of coughing attacks. Alfalfa leaves with its healing power prevent whooping cough as well as various other health disorders such as heart diseases and strokes. Comfrey tea is good if you have a dry cough. Ginger juice mixed consumed with honey give lot of relief from cough. Licorice root and roasted calamus helps in preventing severe bouts of coughing.

Apart from these natural herbs almond oil, castor oil and honey are also effective in treating whooping cough.

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