what foods and herbs should i eat and stay away from if my kidneys are not functioning properly

Kidney problems and infections are mainly caused due to bacterial, viral or fungal infections. These diseases occur due to consumption of unhealthy foods and impair digestive system. So, you need to take care of your food habits.

Following are some of the best remedies and diet advice that can help in curing any sort of kidney problems:

  • Buchu tea is a great remedy for any kidney problem.
  • Cranberries help in urine acidification and thereby destroy bacteria and virus present in the kidney. This further improves the function of the bladder.
  • Dandelion roots helps in eliminating waste products and improves the function of the kidney.
  • Parsley and celery seeds are great for checking the uric acid levels in your body. These herbs are diuretics and have the power to remove unwanted waste products from your body.
  • Marshmallow tea is beneficial fro flushing wastes and toxins from the kidney.
  • Cornsilk is a natural diuretic and aids in reducing the amount of excess water present in the kidneys and thereby prevents from any kind of kidney infection.
  • Other essential herbs that can help cure kidney diseases and infections include golden rod tea, red clover, nettle, juniper berries, rose hips, oat straw and watermelon seeds.
  • Incorporate more of celery, garlic, asparagus, watercress and banana in your daily diet.

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