Can the mumps cause blisters/ canker sores in mouth?

Mumps is an extreme painful and visible alarming condition although a considerably harmless disease if under proper control and medical care. The disease has a duration that lasts anywhere between a fortnight to a month. It is possible that mouth sores or blisters can be formed in the mouth due to mumps, since the virus that is responsible for this disease causes the infection of the parotid glands. Of the six salivary glands present in mouth region, two of these that are located just below and in front of the ears are known as parotid glands. Since this contagious disease is spread through respiratory droplets, it is possible that inflammation of the mouth can lead to canker and blister sores.

The swelling of the parotid glands is what causes the swelling and the shape of the face to change dramatically but is not a serious condition and is on the main characteristics that determine the disease. However care should be taken that the patient does not develop meningitis. A mild case of meningitis is possible followed by headache or stiff neck. When the headache is mighty severe or the neck gets too stiff and aches beyond an unbearable point the patient needs immediate medical help.

answered by C B

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