I am feeling little pain in my left chest with nausea and vomiting feeling. It is just like pining. It occurs after intervals, started after Jaundice in July-07. I can

Symptoms after jaundice treatment 

There is no proven scientific, medical connection between jaundice and chest pain. If it has been so long since your jaundice has been cured, and you have this particular chest pain since that much time, it is imperative that you should seek medical advice immediately.

Meanwhile, there are some simple things you can do at home to determine that this condition is not seriously detrimental to your heart and health. Cut back on caffeine and caffeine-related products, all caffeine-related products are instrumental in irregularizing your heart rate. This could be a reason why you get these erratic pains and nausea. You must also cut back on alcohol. Limit yourself to one serving of 30 ml per day of any kind of liquor. Any more and it could be seriously dangerous in your condition. Change your diet to vegetarian. This will help you develop a stronger immune system and keep calories down. You must also cut back on greasy, fatty foods and carbohydrates. This will help you to regularize your eating and general lifestyle patterns.

Find ways to de-stress. Try to get in about 30 minutes of yoga everyday. If this is not possible, then go for a 30 minute walk everyday. Make sure you don't walk too hard or fast, as this could add to your problems. These simple things should help you to get rid of the problem. However, if they do not, please get medical advice at once.

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