Causes of pressure, dizziness, lightheadness, sore neck, tingly feeling, off balance and tightness in head

There is an endless list for the cause of headaches. Ranging from severe stress, too much exposure to sun, migraine, sinus, menstrual, fevers etc. These causes hamper the daily activity of the individual by bringing on the unpleasant experience of a headache. Passive smoking is also a major irritant to most people. The benzene in cigarette smoke causes headaches to those whose mucus membranes get irritated with the chemical. Similarly stuffiness or a polluted room also causes lack of oxygen supply that brings on migraine type headaches.

To eliminate headache causes at home primarily due to indoor stuffiness, keep potted plants. Plants help purify the air by cleaning the pollutants and drawing in the excess carbon dioxide in the room's atmosphere. Popular plants that can help in aesthetics as well as releasing more oxygen to the atmosphere include ferns, English ivy, peace lilies, a variety of rubber plants etc.

Try brisk walking daily to clear your nostrils and figuratively speaking, "clearing the head'. On a serious note, a brisk clean walk does wonders for the metabolism and more importantly it helps the lungs to draw in more oxygen leading to a rush of fresh supply of oxygen and blood to the head. A half hour walk can suffice in getting rid of nagging headaches and dull feeling.

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A couple of things that could cause acute headache are sinusitis and allergies. To ease the discomfort you could try a hot vapor treatment. Inhale the hot vapors from water that has been boiled. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus or menthol oil to the steaming water to help clear the nasal passage. Apply a warm compress to the forehead can also help ease the pain. Dip a hand towel in warm water and witch hazel solution and place it on your forehead for a few minutes.

Another possible cause of these symptoms could be TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome. This is related to problems of the lower jaw where it attaches itself to the skull. If you also experience difficulty swallowing, ringing in the ears, and a popping sound every time you move your jaw the headache is most likely due to TMJ syndrome.

Anxiety is another reason for the constellation of symptoms you have described. If you are undergoing any stress it can have a physical impact on your body. You could try deep breathing or other relaxation techniques like meditation to offset the effect of anxiety.

A physical examination by a trained medical professional would help in clearly diagnosing the root cause and figuring out the subsequent treatment that is required.

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