Toothache Remedies While Pregnant: I am 5 Months Pregnant And Have Severe Pain Of A Toothache. What Can I Do ?

Natural Cures for toothache

Place an ice cube wrapped in plastic or a small piece of cloth directly on to the tooth or the area of the toothache. It will help ease the pain. Another effective method is a simple acupressure process of placing an ice cube on the web of the skin between the thumb and the forefinger. Keep the ice cube steady on this area for 20 minutes to get immediate relief from toothache. This has known to successfully work for most people who have tried various other methods prior to resorting to the acupressure method.

Take a garlic clove and to add a pinch of rock salt or table salt and place it on the painful tooth. The garlic oil and salt will get rid of the pain almost immediately. Garlic is also known to have curative properties hence the toothache is not too deep may disappear on its own, never to reprise. Also placing a slice of onion or a small inside the mouth on the tooth will help kill the bacteria or germs that are causing the ache. Make fresh juice out of wheatgrass and use it as a mouth gargle or rinse three times a day. It is a natural remedy for aches and is known to alleviate tooth decay by checking the growth of harmful bacteria.

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You can try some of the following home remedies to ease the toothache:

  • Apply an icepack externally on the affected region, but discontinue it if the pain only gets worse.
  • You can also try applying clove oil to ease the pain. To prevent the oil from falling into your mouth, you can wet a piece of cotton wool with a very small amount of clove oil and then gently apply this on the affected tooth.
  • You can also keep a piece of clove in the affected area. Press the clove very gently on the affected tooth.
  • Tea tree oil also works as a natural antiseptic.
  • Mix some salt in water and then rinse your mouth with the solution. Remember to spit the water every time you rinse. You don't need to drink the salt water.

When you are pregnant, it is best to avoid taking too much medication, unless absolutely necessary or recommended by your doctor. However, if the pain is severe, you should probably visit your doctor and then your dentist to avoid any further complications. The toothache may be a symptom of a problem that needs to be addressed - a cavity or an infection will get worse if you only treat the symptoms and ignore the underlying problem.

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