My daughters are 4 &7 yrs old. Both of them have plenty of hair on the body. Please advise me with some home remedies.

Hair on the head is an aspect of beauty and increases the personality of an individual. Hair in the other parts are unwanted, especially the chin and legs. Your children are too small to try chemical and artificial methods. Stop worrying and wait for them to grow up, as there might be a reduction of unwanted hair with age. Turmeric proves beneficial in hair removal. Apply it as a paste every day during bath and leave it for around 15 minutes. Cosmetic products, available commercially help in camouflaging them. Hormonal imbalance and stress are the contributing factors for unwanted hair, also referred to as hirsutism. Gram flour is made into a paste with milk and cream and apply on the specific area. Scrub it after drying, thereby small and fine unwanted hairs are removed. Waxing, laser and electrophoresis are the commercially available techniques. Chemical hair removers are temporary methods, providing relief for a week. Bleaching is a painless method, wherein the color of the hair is changed to the skin color, thereby it is masked and are not obvious.

Here are more tips to get rid of unwanted body hair

answered by Dr C

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