Advice on itchy toes: what are the signs, symptoms, causes and treatment of itchy toes?

Itchy toes can be a cause of constant irritation and you tend to seek anything and everything to scratch them for relief. The causes for itchy foot can be varied like sometimes the itch can be due to the sweat and moisture in the legs due to poor fitted socks or sometimes the skin of the feet may even get raw due to ill fitted shoes. Sometimes the feet may itch due to some underlying medical condition like dermatitis or eczema where the skin tends to become too dry. The dirt and the dead skin on the toes can also be a cause for the itch many times. It is very important to identify and rule out the cause to get rid of the itchiness.

Remove the dead skin and keep your feet and toes clean and dry as far as possible. Wear clean comfortable shoes and soft cotton socks which can absorb the sweat easily. If your feet sweat a lot then sprinkle baby powder over your toes and feet before putting on the shoes. Consult a specialist for a correct diagnosis if the itch in the toes persists.

answered by Dr S

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