when I clean I use cleaning products and then in a few days I notice my hands start peeling and being dry is there any thing I can do to fix my dry, peeling hands?

My immediate advice is to wear gloves whenever you clean. However, you may also have an allergic reaction to the material that loves are made of. In this case, you should try to find a natural cleaning products that do not contain harsh chemicals. Avoid using things like bleach and water cleansers as these are very very hard and skin. If you do have to use these chemicals and cannot wear gloves, then make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after use and applying an all natural moisturizer. If your hands are especially try and cracked, you can apply a therapeutic moisturizer, such as cocoa butter or EMU oil to your hands and then cover your hands with soft cotton gloves right before you go to sleep so that the moisturizer has all night to soak in. Some natural cleaning agents can actually be beneficial to the skin. One of the best, nations, you can actually make yourself. This combination is baking soda and orange oil, to make this cleaning agent you combine enough baking soda and orange oil together to make a thick paste. This will clean almost any surface just as well as bleach or a powder cleanser, but it is not dangerous to use and is easy on the skin. It also has a wonderful scent and will improve the appearance of almost any surface in your home. It is also excellent for removing hard water stains from the inside of showers.

answered by R P

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