Cure for peyronie's disease

The buildup of plaque in Peyronie's disease is a great hindrance in penile function. Although treatments help in bringing down the symptoms, medical practitioners are of the belief that without penile traction devices or surgery, the plaque cannot be removed. However most patients have faced erectile dysfunction as well other hampered abilities post surgery to get rid of the plaque.

Vitamin E is a useful solution to treat the pain associated with Peyronie's disease. Vitamin supplements containing B and E help to improve function and sometimes ease the discomfort. Most men however do not require medication, as in a majority of the cases the symptoms and pain go away by itself.

A supplement containing 100 mg of vitamin E had thrice a day for a period of 3 - 4 months have shown that it helps in the prevention of further development of plaque. An integral property in the Vitamin B complex known as Potassium amino benzoate is regarded as encouraging anti-fibrotic activity through its intermediation of enhanced oxygen consumption at the tissue level. Regular intake of vegetables, dry fruits and fruits rich in the above mentioned vitamins in gradually helps to bring down the painful sensation and soreness over the months.

answered by C B

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