Glaucoma Eye Disease

What natural remedy can significantly decrease intraocular eye pressure such as exists in the disease glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a type of eye disorder that causes a dangerous build up of internal eye pressure also known as intraocular pressure. The increased internal pressure on the eye can cause damage to the eye's optic nerve which is responsible for the transmission of visual information to the brain. If the disorder remains untreated it eventually leads to distortion of vision around the edges of the eyes and then results in total blindness. Therefore, it is very important that you first seek medical advice regarding the condition of your eyes before trying any kind of self medication or home remedies. There are many natural treatments that are being explored as options for managing glaucoma, but you should use these only with your doctor's guidance, so that in case they do not have the required effect, you can use more established methods of treatment.

Depending on the severity of the glaucoma, treatment can include various medications, laser surgery, or conventional surgery. In the initial phases of glaucoma medicinal eye drops are used to lower the amount of intraocular pressure but as the severity of the disorder grows it may require eye surgery. As the disorder is relatively painless and application of the medication tends to be rather troublesome, patients often do not follow the prescribed dosage for the medicinal eye drops. This eventually results in damage to vision - in fact, improper use of glaucoma medication is one of the major reasons for blindness caused due to glaucoma.

In some cases, the doctor may recommend surgery as an option. However, this too is unfortunately only a temporary solution. Surgery only temporarily brings down the intraocular pressure; post surgery, the pressure in the eye continues to build up. One surgical option is what is known as a canaloplasty, which makes a small incision in the eye and helps the eye to drain some amount of fluid. Other options are laser trabeculoplasty, laser peripheral iridotomy, and diode laser cycloablation. Glaucoma drainage implants can also be installed, although this is quite a complex and troublesome procedure, and is therefore used only in a few cases.

There are no reliable substitutes for these medical treatments, and it is therefore always advisable to consult your doctor regarding the proper course of action when treating glaucoma. As you are aware, the risks that you face by avoiding medical treatment are extremely high. Your diagnosis has obviously been made by a medical professional, so you should continue to take his or her help for treating the condition.

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