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When the skin gets damaged due to some kind of trauma or injury, scars can be formed. The skin has the quality of regeneration and when this process is absent, there will be the appearance of scars. Scars are fibrous tissues that are formed instead of the normal skin. They are considered to be the skin’s healing process after a burn or injury. Scars are part of a normal process of healing, and most wounds usually result in some form of scaring. The scars that are formed after a disease, accident, or surgery do not regenerate and cause a permanent mark to be left. The formation of tissue over the area of injury is of a quality that is inferior, since important functions performed by the normal skin like hair growth and the functioning of the sweat glands are not done. Some of the scars can be unattractive and cause the individual a lot of discomfort and so various methods of treatment for scars can be used.

The treatment for scars differs in the cost and ease depending on the location of the scar, the age of the scar, and the type and size of it. There are some tips you could follow regarding the different scar removal treatments and treatment for scars from acne. Scar reduction with vitamin E involves applying the vitamin oil onto the tissue that is healing two to three times each day. Vitamin E helps in the regeneration of skin and the gentle massage that is made use of to put the oil onto the skin will aid in the normal growth of the skin without the formation of a scar that is noticeable. One of the effective acne scar remedies that you can perform at home involves lemons. If the scars of your acne are dark, then you can apply some lemon juice to make them light. Clean your face with some lemon juice. Dip a cotton ball into some lemon juice and rub it smoothly onto the acne marks. Let it remain for around 10 minutes and rinse it off. Make sure to use the lemon juice with caution as it can cause your skin to become photosensitive. Therefore, you should make sure to apply a sunscreen onto the areas that are treated with lemon juice before exposing your skin to the sun.

An effective way on how to remove scars naturally and to help with the scar healing process is with fruits. Along with consuming fresh fruits to provide your skin with vitamin C which builds collagen, you could also apply them to your skin for exfoliation. You could puree 1/4th of a cup of pineapple and rub it onto your skin. Let it remain for around 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it off. As ascorbic acid is contained in pineapples, a brightening effect will be imparted to the skin and the acne marks will fade. You could also use baking soda as a treatment for scars from acne. Baking soda helps exfoliate your skin and a certain kind of baking soda is often used in treatments of cosmetic microdermabrasion. You can provide yourself with a minor version of a microdermabrasion treatment by adding one teaspoon of baking soda to two teaspoons of filtered water. Let the mixture be gently rubbed onto your skin for around 60 seconds and rinse it off after that. With the treatment of scars, it is important that you maintain consistency. To completely get rid of the acne scars, the home remedies will have to be performed daily so that the scar tissue that is damaged is removed layer by layer. There are many other scar reduction tips and treatments you can find on the Internet like scar massages and cosmetic surgery techniques that can be helpful.

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Unfortunately, most scars do not go away. Scars are caused by additional skin cells that are formed in the area of an injury to help protect that area from future injuries. If the scars are more than two years old, chances are they will not go away. But even then, they can be minimized by the following treatment.

Emu oil comes from a large bird called an Emu. An Emu is very much like an Ostrich. Emu oil is known world wide for its exception healing properties for a variety of things, including arthritis pain. Perhaps is most advertised capability is for the healing of scar tissue. The reason it is able to do this is that its PH and chemical make up are almost identical to that of human skin. It soaks very deep into the skin to the most important layer, the dermis. There, it nourishes and repairs the dermis at a cellular level. The daily use of Emu oil, which can be secured in a serum or lotion form, should yield excellent results in scars younger than two years. You should start to see results within 4 to 6 weeks. It is important to keep up the treatment for at least one year for best results.

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