Candida in prostate natural remedy

Candida albicans, a fungus causes candida infection. Generally, they fail to create any infection. They are similar to yeasts and the amount that is present in the body is deducted by the diet pattern, stress level and drug consumption. Symptoms aggravate in moist or damp conditions. Candidiasis is mistaken for stomach indigestion or malfunctioning. Plain yogurt is recommended, with no additional ingredients. A low sugar diet with supplementation of vitamins C, A and B complex is preferred. Plenty of water removes the fungus. Inclusion of foods possessing fungistatic properties, such as bananas, garlic and yogurt is effective. Eating at regular intervals is important. Avoid skipping meals. Knowledge or insight of the symptoms helps in easy treatment procedure. Wear loose fitting cotton undergarments. Nylon and other synthetic materials are avoided, as they release a lot of sweat, which helps in proliferation of the fungus. Antibiotics and drugs perish beneficial microbes or probiotics grown in the intestine. Candida growth results in poor memory, lack of concentration, mood swings and fatigue. Enteric-coated garlic capsules are effective in reducing infection. Caprylic acid, oleic acid and oregano oil are also useful home remedies. Fiber supplementation, in the form of psyllium husk, pectin, guar gum or flax seeds prove beneficial.

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