Is there a natural cure for puffy nipples?

Puffy nipples are a part of puberty. It is also seen in gynecomastia. Gynecomastia in male is the appearance of prominent breasts or breast tissue. It originates as a minor lump. Mostly seen in adolescent boys, it grows in an uneven manner. Contributing factors are steroid abuse, raised estrogen stimulation, obesity, aging, decreased testosterone levels, castration, genetic disorders, tumor, drug abuse and chronic hepatic diseases. It affects in a psychological manner, as it leads to humiliation, shame and embarrassment. Psychological distress hurts a lot. Surgery is the only mode of treatment, as it heals the condition and reduces the feeling of self hatred. Medication intake also results in breast development, such as estrogen administration. Certain endocrine disorders are also contributing factors. An extra chromosome in Klinefelter's syndrome, results in impairment of testosterone. Losing excessive fat also helps in getting rid of enlarged breasts. Herbal remedies containing guggul is an effective remedy. Chromium picolinate, theobromine cacao, scaleriolides and green tea extracts prove beneficial in dissolving the adipose tissue. The loose skin of the chest is tightened. Minimum precautions are required and a physician's guidance is recommended.

answered by Dr C

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