pain associated with cirrhosis of liver

Your query is incomplete. Abdominal pain is commonly associated with liver cirrhosis. Other symptoms include anorexia, nausea, tiredness, spider veins and loss of weight. Cirrhosis is caused by infection, alcohol, heredity, prescription drugs and blockage in bile ducts. Death of the liver cells occurs in cirrhosis, resulting in scarring. Healthy tissues are substituted, thereby causing a blockage in circulation. Alcohol and smoking are vital causes for cirrhosis. Drug abuse and parasitic infections cause congestion of the liver, thus resulting in cirrhosis. Typical symptoms include nausea, loss of weight and so on. Cirrhosis is associated with severe itching, fluid accumulation or edema, abdominal accumulation of fluids or ascites. The bile is prevented from reaching the gall bladder. This results in gall stones. Reduction in protein synthesis causes easy and persistent bleeding, due to their importance in blood coagulation. Psychological confusion is common. Interest in sex is reduced. Magnetic resonance imaging, bilirubin test, liver biopsy, CT (computerised tomography) scan and ultrasound are different methods to diagnose cirrhosis symptoms.

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