I was wondering if there was any natural remedy that could be used for Tourettes? I have friends with both husbands and children with this condition and medication isn't working and they want to try a natural approach.

Methods and techniques that help to bring about a feeling of tranquility and those techniques involving relaxation and biofeedback would possibly be helpful in palliating the stress that usually increases the symptoms of Tourette's syndrome. Although alternative therapy or treatment is known to be helpful in the long run, such methods should be used as complementary in addition to the primary method of treatment. Techniques involving the relaxation of mind and body are known to have brought considerable relief amongst patients. This method manages the pain and discomfort, relaxes tremors, helps in focusing and normalizing concentration and also brings about a sense of well being among those individuals. These techniques include, biofeedback, soothing body massages, cognitive behavior therapy, hypnosis, reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, postural therapies and exercises, Tai Chi, etc.

Herbal remedies which are also well known in aromatherapy greatly benefits in calming the nerves. Teas made from the herbs of chamomile, sage, passionflower, skullcap etc. are all known to have soothing properties. Infuse a teaspoon of any of the mentioned herbs in a cup of hot boiling water. Have this strained concoction at least four times a day. Avocados and evening primrose oil also help in mollifying the nervous system and helps to bring down the frequency of tics and tremors.

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