Treatment of sweaty palms or hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is a condition when the levels of thyroid hormone are excess in our body. If you have lost excess weight, it would be important to include right amount of calories and proteins in your diet to gain back your ideal body weight. Excess weight loss due to hyperthyroidism can also cause thinning of bones, so include enough calcium in your diet to avoid osteoporosis.

For sweaty palms which is caused due to hyperthyroidism try the following simple remedies –

  • Hold wet tea bags for around 10-15 minutes in your palms.
  • Use unscented antiperspirant which your use for your sweaty underarms, if it works there it would work for your sweaty palms too.
  • Before greeting somebody rub your palms with medicated alcohol.
  • To avoid other complications related to hyperthyroidism like excessive weight loss, palpitations, or arrhythmias consult a specialist for appropriate treatment.

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