My 12 year old son has repeated swelling of his tongue and the roof of his mouth. Any thoughts? He is having trouble in eating and drinking normal foods and liquids

Home remedy and natural treatment for swollen tongue is very effective. Below are given some of the most beneficial and effective remedies for swollen tongue:

  • Chew a sugar free gum for a calming effect on tongue.
  • Suck an ice cube directly for relieving pain.
  • Eat more of iron rich foods such as spinach, fish, liver, kidney, beef, rosemary, curry powder, wheat bran, bran flakes, cashew nuts, dried figs, almonds, Soya beans, hazelnuts, lentils and watercress.
  • Foods rich in Vitamin B are also beneficial for swollen tongue. Some of the richest food sources of Vitamin B include whole grain cereals, red meat, bread, green leafy vegetables, legumes, brown rice, yeast, milk, meat, cheese, peas, peanuts, fish, wheat germ, butter, liver, egg yolk and poultry.
  • Avoid eating hot and spicy foods as these food substances may worsen the condition.
  • Many herbal remedies are also helpful for curing swollen tongue. The most effective herbs include dandelion, wormwood, plantain, black radish and nettle. Extract juice of these herbs and consume it at least twice a day. You can consume one juice at a time or a mixture of any two juices for effective results.

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