Should a 17 year old male be allowed to continue his cricket fast bowler's training (at elite level) if suffering with goitre?

One of the issues that may accompany the problem of goiter is upper airway blockage and possible consequent breathing problems. The good news is that goitre can be cured with diet supplementation. Basically, the disease occurs because of a deficiency of iodine in the body. Physical and emotional disturbances further aggravate the disease. It is important to remain stress free in order for a natural cure for goiter to work. This is especially difficult because irritability is one of the symptoms of the disease. You must try to include a daily 30-minute session of Yoga in your routine, as this will help you to keep a calm and balanced mind.

You can begin a cure for goiter by discontinuing natural salt and switching to iodized salt. This will start working on increasing the iodine content of your body. You must also increase intake of watercress, as this is a very rich source of iodine and will pump up the supply in bloodstream tremendously. You must increase intake of the following foods in your daily diet: carrots, turnips, tomatoes, pineapples, whole unpolished rice, garlic, strawberries, lettuce, onions, guavas, oats, egg yolks, citrus fruits and all kinds of seafood. These will help in getting rid of goiter. The foods to strictly avoid are plain flour and all of its products, white sugar, fried and heavy meat, preserved foods, caffeine and all caffeine-related products. If this should work for you, there is no reason not to continue with your training.

answered by M W

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