Medicines for common cold in diabetics

The common cold happens when the upper respiratory tract is inflamed and this is usually caused by a virus. The symptoms range from a running nose to slight feverishness and might be accompanied by chest congestion and a cough as well.The cold will take between 5 to 10 days to clear up and some simple home remedies will help, providing relief. People with complaints such as diabetes should always check with their doctors before taking any new medication. But for something like the common cold it is not always necessary to take medication.

First of all drink plenty of fluids: juices, herbal teas and clear soups. All these will help in relieving congestion. Make a tea with ginger and lime, sweetened with honey and drink it hot, at least 3-4 times a day. Dried ginger, black pepper powder and a little sugar mixed into a paste and eaten twice to three times a day should also help in clearing up phlegm. At least twice a day try a steam inhalation, with some eucalyptus oil drops mixed in the hot water. Hot water baths also help as the humidity and heat in the bathroom will help in clearing blocked nasal passages temporarily. Keep as far as possible to warm and moist/humid surroundings.

answered by M W

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