3 weeks ago, While camping (I had a serious mosquito bites) I had a severe headache, body temperature, vomiting and whenever I would breath I could feel some pain in my chest. After 3days I got relieved. Now I still feel the headache. Please advice.

From your description of the symptoms and the circumstances in which they occurred, it seems certain that you were suffering from malaria. It is also likely that the infection has somehow not been completely cured. Malaria is spread by the female anopheles mosquito, and the common symptoms of malaria are as you describe them - fever, headache, body pain, vomiting, and many others as well. Being cured of malaria within three days is extremely unusual and unlikely, especially without any medical treatment, since you have not mentioned taking any such treatment. In addition, since you say that you still suffer from headaches, you are most probably still suffering from malaria, and your condition could worsen again at any time, with the same symptoms as before.

I strongly advise you to visit your doctor, as malaria, although common, is an extremely dangerous disease and can have serious consequences if untreated, including brain damage, coma, and even death. Also, treatment will depend on the type of malaria you have, and this can only be determined by a blood test. Meanwhile, you should take adequate rest, drink enough water, and eat a healthy diet, consisting of simple, natural food, particularly lots of fruits and vegetables, and avoid alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco.

answered by G M

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