I have spongiotic dermatitis, I have tried everything. Please advise me on a cure.

Once you have been surely diagnosed with the following disorder, it is best to apply certain menthol lotions on the areas that are affected. You will also greatly benefit from a 25-day vitamin A pill treatment. Severe cases of this condition require anti-inflammatory medication. Like all diseases, the best way to treat eczema (another name for this infection) is prevention.

Make hygiene a definite part of your lifestyle. Wash your hands before and after meals and whenever they run a risk of being unclean. People with sensitive skin are easy prey to this disorder. Avoid all harsh chemicals on your skin. Extreme environments are also not something that you should expose yourself too. Anything that causes the skin to crack or open is an invitation to infections. Avoid extreme-factors that hurt your skin. Finally, make sure that you always eat a healthy balanced diet. Avoid junk food and go high on vegetables and fruits. These foods keep your skin healthy and ensure a low risk of infection. Drink 1-12 glasses of water a day and you will see changes, not just in your skin, but also in your over-all health and energy levels.

Acute eczema or spongiatic dermatitis needs good hygience, medication and continued patience to treat, as the diseases tends to leave very slowly. Keep at it and ensure that you don't stop the therapy.

answered by G M

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