Please advise good home remedies to maintain hard erection during intercourse?

Alternative Treatment for Hard Erection during Intercourse

Problems in maintaining a hard erection could stem from various causes. It could be physiological, mental or emotional. In order to rule out any physical problem, you must get a medical opinion. If you have a physical problem due to which you are unable to maintain a hard erection, then you will need to get medical help for it. After doing this, you can follow certain simple things in order to take care of the problem. The best solution for any trouble related to sexual performance is usually the lack of communication between partners. Talk about any problem you might have and you may just find that it will take care of the problem.

Yoga will also help you, since it will ease your mind and lead to less stress, which will also make sex a more enjoyable experience. Likewise, you can also exercise for 30 minutes daily. Exercise helps to generate overall good health and positivity. The Indian Ayurvedic herb Winter cherry is also considered helpful in providing virility for a more productive sex life. This is also available in pill form and can be taken quite easily. You can try to follow a course of homeopathic medication for about six months. Some of the commonest medications taken for any such disorders are Nux Vormica, Sulfur, Graphites and Lycopodium. You can take each of these for a month each and see which one works for you.

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