Inflammation on pelvis (diagnosed after a scan) for a 28 year old lady. What is the cause and remedies?

Pelvic inflammation is medically known as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). It is considered a fairly common occurrence among women, and could usually be a result of long-standing and medically neglected sexually transmitted diseases. If this is the problem you have, only the secondary symptoms such as pain and discomfort can be temporarily relieved with home remedies. You would have to undergo a proper treatment program in order to get rid of the problem.

To relieve pain from any kind of swelling on any part of the body, the first thing to do is to apply ice to your inflammation. This will provide momentary relief from the burning and pain. You can make a poultice of grated cucumber, raw potato and enough flour to make a batter-like mix, apply this to the swollen areas and leave it on till it dries. This can help tremendously to draw out pain and provide relief. You can also gently massage the area with warm mustard oil or olive oil for relief. Mustard oil is also an effective way to heal once it penetrates the skin. Rubbing the inflamed area with tincture of arnica is an excellent way to get relief from pain. Arnica is considered miraculous for healing inflammation of all kinds.

answered by G R

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