How do I get rid of bruises fast

A bruise or contusion is caused when a blow or injury to the body ruptures the blood vessels under the skin and the blood drains into the tissue running beneath the surface level of the skin. Often seen as discolored patches of skin in a bluish-purplish tinge, it is most common in people with Vitamin C deficiency since that makes the blood vessels weak and prone to rupture. It is thus essential to stick to a healthy balanced diet rich in minerals and Vitamin C, found in fresh fruits and vegetables so that you blood vessels are strong and do not rupture easily. Avoid smoking since tobacco interferes with the circulation of blood and collagen metabolism, delaying the healing process.

Once bruised, reach immediately for an ice pack and rub it over the affected area to reduce the inflammation and avoid hot showers the first day since that increases the inflammation. Use a heat pack from the next day onwards to dilate the blood vessels and improve circulation. If possible keep the bruised area elevated so that the blood drains out from the area, reducing the chances of bruising when the blood pools in that injured area. Application of apple cider vinegar to the bruise will speed up the healing process as do the leaves of the arnica plant. A classic remedy for lightening the bruise and speeding up the healing process is application of confrey root or buchu tea.

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