My 6 year old daughter head itches but she doesn't have head lice what is the problem? tks cynthia

The sight of a child scratching its head usually brings to mind lice, but an itchy scalp does not always indicate a lice infestation. Sometimes however, lice are not very easy to find, so you should try using a louse comb on your daughter's hair. If you haven't been able to find any lice on her head even after using the comb, then the problem is certainly a different one.

One possibility is dandruff. Again, this is quite easy to detect as it results in a flaky scalp. The flakes are basically dead skin cells, and can be seen falling from the head when combing the hair or even running a hand through it. To treat dandruff, you will need to find a suitable shampoo for your daughter. There is no quick or easy way to do this, and you will just have to try several shampoos till you find the right one. Meanwhile you can also apply a paste of fenugreek seeds and water daily before bathing. You can also apply warm olive oil to your scalp at night, massaging it gently, and washing it off in the morning.

Another possibility is a fungal infection, for which a rinse with a solution of vinegar and water should work. This is likely if your daughter's hair is moist a lot of the time due to sweat or insufficient drying after a bath.

answered by M W

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