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Prayer and friends that share the same faith
suggested by Carrie on Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My remedy is prayer! As a Christian, my Lord has been my life perseveres. I have been dealing with stress for the past few years and I have finally come to an inner peace. As a woman, I need to talk too, to release...This is a message that is powerful for me...The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you...My prayer is that you, the reader, experience an inner peace...Its indescribable and such a blessing!

counseling to avoid stress
suggested by nadzirah on Monday, April 7, 2008

Actually, I was also one of them.. So, I used to go for counseling. It is one of the best ways to avoid stress. Find someone to talk with.. But if you really really stressed, the breathe slowly and hold for a few second then breath out slowly. Empty your mind at the same time.. Repeat it until you feel calm..

relaxation for temporary relief
suggested by abby on Sunday, March 30, 2008

What I do whenever I am stressed is I lie down somewhere comfortable and quiet. then i take a minute and take everything off of my mind just think about nothing...then once u feel relaxed, concentrate on every part of your body starting at your toes and calves to every face muscle to rest your body...sometimes it helps if u try to nap afterward. It just makes u feel refreshed.

Keep your friends close and your enemies far
suggested by Cameron on Saturday, June 9, 2007

I find the best(and most obvious)way to relieve stress is to just generally do something that promotes positive emotions. More specifically, cuddle with your favorite cat or other pet and spend some time with them. Take a walk with them. As was also already mentioned, exercise helps greatly, but it is my personal opinion that sports will stress somebody. Stress can be caused by many things though and often short term fixes won't help. Talking with friends about your issue can also help, have you and your friends ever gotten mad at something and ranted along with your friends? It feels good! :P Stay around your friends, they'll really help. Go on fishing trips with them or maybe go ride dirt bikes, whatever you're into, but thats best advice I can offer. If you don't have any friends try and make some, and if you're really desperate, I'd recommend a friend from the animal category if you don't already have one. But of course, you've gotta take good care of them, so make sure it's not stressful! I'd recommend a cat, pretty low maintainence and very friendly, if you pick the right cat. Or a bird, also generally low maintenance, just make sure they don't fly away and try to pick a quiet one if their squawking will stress you out. (I personally find having a dog stressful, but that's just me.) Make sure your pet is very healthy, going through the tragedy of losing your friend when you're already depressed could be devastating. Some other pet ideas: A Guinea Pig. You might be surprised how emotional they are, this is clearly exhibited when you have many of them in the same cage, not necessarily negative ones either. They can be expressive too, they have many sounds they make according to different emotions, and if they're hungry or thirsty, they'll let you know! Make sure you change their bedding at least once a week, but they'll be much healthier if you change it every 3-4 days. Should you choose bedding that's made from wood shavings, do NOT use cedar! Guinea pigs can be allergic to cedar, and finding out if they are is a big pain. Also, be careful when feeding them anything other than pellets, some seeds absolutely don't digest well and acidic foods aren't good. Some safe foods: Celery, carrots, kael, lettuce (careful, I've heard too much lettuce can be bad in that it gives them very bad gas), and other foods of this sort. Or you can try something like starting an ant farm or raising butterflies as a hobby to take some things off your mind. Certainly won't feel the emotion radiating from them though.

Stress relief
suggested by Brenda on Friday, May 25, 2007

Only way to fix this is by facing what is stressing you out and change it,Ive lived with a epileptic who has biopolar so i know what stress is, she now no longer lives at home,but is with people that will watch out for her, hardest thing ive had to do, but she is happier to, a hot bath, candle light, and QUIET will help,but sorry face the stress and combat it for longing relief

Meditation & Breathing Methods
suggested by [unspecified] on Saturday, March 10, 2007

try every night before sleeping, a good meditation moment that consists in breathing methods. Try to hear your breath, the air coming inside and this every night you 'll see big difference..

stres be gone !
suggested by amy on Thursday, December 28, 2006

well just rest ,watch funny movies ,drink hot tea,and you know just have a little mini spa day .also write down all the things that stress you out and figure out how to solve them .but do the parer thing first then melt away the stress later .as i always say it has to get worse before it gets better.! *wink* :D and as always <3 forevas!

Stress treatment using mint
suggested by [unspecified] on Friday, August 18, 2006

I've found that chewing mint leaves helps me stay calm and relaxed. Being relaxed is what people are trying to achive when they are over stressed. Being relaxed is exactly what the doctor ordered for stress, is it not? Chew 6- 10 mint leaves. that should help. You could even crush 8 leaves on a stone and mix the crushed leaves wih a tablespoon of water. And drink that. I even take it.