Healthy Recipes

In today's fast paced lifestyle, nutrition tends to take the backseat and convenience foods take centre stage. However, we shall help you in making quick recipes which are also nutritious, so that these can support your body and health even in a hectic lifestyle.

Contrary to popular belief, healthy recipes are not those which are only low in calories or fat on their own. A low fat recipe may have very high amounts of sugar, which will still give you plenty calories! Healthy recipes are basically those which are low in fat, sodium and cholesterol but provide a moderate to good amount of protein and fiber. These recipes should also provide for adequate vitamins and minerals of various kinds for optimizing the body's functions. Recipes can be modified according to various ailments and conditions, so that everyone can eat healthy as well as tasty.

A recipe is best described as the method of preparing a certain dish. Recipes include detailed instructions as to the ingredients required as well as the quantities in which they are needed and most recipes also provide instructions on how to prepare the dish and when to add each ingredient. While some recipes require precise and detailed instructions others serve as a guide where an individual may make substitutions to suit his/her palate or requirements. For instance, if a person is allergic to peanuts, he/she can avoid using them in a recipe and use almonds or cashew nuts instead. Recipes can be extremely simple and have a very short preparation time or they can be extremely complicated and require hours of meticulous planning and preparation. People often search for recipes when planning a meal for guests but it is best to try out the recipe in advance to prevent embarrassing situations where the dish does not meet one's expectations. Chicken recipes, salmon recipes and even certain vegetarian recipes may require a lot of trial and error before you get it perfect and so it is important to plan your meal and your grocery shopping accordingly. Besides these there are also many easy recipes that could be of great help to the individual.

Healthy cooking need not be a chore! By making a few changes in your regular ingredients and style of cooking, you can make healthy and delicious food.

Carbohydrates are mainly converted to glucose for energy and this glucose is released into the blood. Thus recipes with complex carbs (whole grains, cereals) should be included and recipes with simple carbs (sugar, molasses, syrup, jam, jellies) should be avoided.

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, should not be neglected! Breakfast can also be colorful and interesting with these quick, nutritious recipes which your entire family will love! Salads are a wonderful way of including your favorite fruits, veggies and nuts in your meals. Salad recipes with heavy dressings such as mayonnaise and cheese can be substituted with recipes containing cottage cheese and herbs/spices as dressings. Not a meat eater? Not a problem at all. You will find lots of vegetarian recipes providing you with all the required nutrients in the form of exciting dishes!

Dinner is best kept light and best eaten at least 3-4 hours before you sleep. If you are wondering what to make for tonight's dinner, look at some of our dinner recipes for inspiration! These recipes will be easy on your digestive system and keep you full till bedtime. Indulging in a treat occasionally need not make you feel guilty. Delicious desserts can be made from these dessert and cake recipes, which will be kind to your waistline and still yummy to eat!

Adopt healthy eating as a part of your lifestyle. These few changes via healthy recipes will go a long way in preserving your health.

Types of Recipes

Recipes are generally divided into two main categories -vegetarian recipes and non vegetarian recipes. Unfortunately, it is very easy to find healthy vegetarian recipes while non-vegetarian dishes often require plenty of oil and are often unhealthy. Luckily, simple baked salmon recipes are healthy and delicious as are chicken recipes with baked or steamed vegetables. Non-vegetarian recipes are often divided into red meat, poultry, and fish recipes. Beef, mutton, pork, and veal are red meats while chicken and turkey are considered to be poultry meats. Certain types of meat such as salmon require very little cooking while pork may require much longer. It is important to make sure that you cook any meat for the specified period of time as undercooked or raw meat can contain parasites and/or harmful bacteria. Undercooked pork is especially harmful as it often causes ringworms. Vegetables, on the other hand need to be cooked for a very short period or else they start to lose their nutritive value. Mixed salads and dishes that require a combination of meat and vegetables are the preferred option as they are flavorful and offer a wide variety of nutrients. If a recipe calls for raw vegetables, it is important to make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned so that they are free of all pesticides and contaminants.

Common Cooking Methods used in Recipes

A recipe generally requires a cooking method except in the case of raw vegetable salads. The most common methods of cooking are roasting, baking, boiling, frying, and smoking. Many complex recipes require a combination of cooking methods for various groups of ingredients so as to enhance and retain their flavor and nutrients. The scallions and tomatoes to be used in a recipe may be fried lightly before being added to a roast dish in order to give the dish a sweet and tangy flavor. In the same way vegetables may be boiled lightly or steamed before being added to a dish. Baking is considered to be a superior method of cooking as compared to frying and if it is possible a recipe for fried foods can be modified as baked foods generally have a lower fat content and are therefore healthier. If you are boiling vegetables, it is important that you do not discard the water in which the vegetables have been boiled as the water also contains nutrients from the boiled vegetables. Recipes that require smoked foods are generally smoked meat dishes and this method of cooking is used to give the dish additional flavor.

Healthy Recipes

In our constant endeavor to make our meals as tasty as possible, we often sacrifice nutritional value which is why fast foods and junk foods have become so popular. There are several healthy recipes such as healthy pasta recipes, cookie recipes, and even dessert recipes that one can use to prepare sumptuous but healthy dishes. Obesity has become a widespread problem and so now many people search for healthy recipes for weight loss especially healthy vegetarian recipes to lose weight. Some recipes are meant specifically for children and teenagers and so healthy vegetarian recipes for teenagers and healthy recipes for kids to lose weight have become quite popular. Other popular queries related to healthy recipes include healthy recipes for toddlers and healthy vegetarian recipes for pregnant women. You can use wholesome pasta recipes with olive oil for kids as this will help to add variety to their meals as well as safeguard their health. Kids and toddlers love finger foods and so you can make simple but healthy snacks like steamed vegetables with a yogurt dip. Slices of lightly steamed baby carrots, baby corn, and brightly colored bell peppers are popular choices. It is best to avoid readymade dips as these often contain various chemical compounds that serve as preservatives and flavor enhancers. Many of these dips also contain very high levels of sodium and unhealthy fats and are therefore not suitable for kids. A simple yogurt dip recipe would generally require an assortment of vegetables along with yogurt and a few herbs. In order to prepare a thick and creamy dip, you can line your sieve with a large piece of cheesecloth and place this over a medium sized bowl. Pour the yogurt into the sieve and allow it to remain undisturbed in your refrigerator overnight. You will find that the yogurt is well drained by the next day and that the excess liquid has collected in the bowl. Keep the yogurt aside and chop a large onion or some scallions and sauté this lightly in a small pan using olive oil. When the onions begin to caramelize, add a minced garlic clove to the pan and allow it to cook for a minute or two. Add this mixture to the yogurt and stir it in gently but thoroughly. Add some chopped dill or fresh cilantro, salt, and seasoning to the dip to enhance the flavor of the dip. This is just one example of the many easy and low fat recipes for healthy eating that you can incorporate in your daily diet.

Recipes for Heart Disease and Diabetes

There are also several recipes that are meant specifically for people with health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, acid reflux and so on. These recipes help to control the symptoms of the health condition as well as treat the root cause of the problem. For instance, heart disease has become extremely common in the last couple of decades due to common unhealthy dietary habits such as the regular intake of junk food, bingeing, and a lack of fiber in one's diet. Individuals suffering from heart disease are often required to follow strict dietary guidelines and so heart healthy recipes for men and women have become very popular. Recipes for a healthy heart are also known as heart healthy recipes and can be used to both prevent as well as treat heart disease and other cardiac ailments. These recipes are generally low in fat and high in fiber and can be used to prepare one's daily meals. Recipes like Almond and apricot biscotti, Eggplant with toasted spices, Fresh tomato crostini, and Asian pork tenderloin are all examples of heart healthy recipes. Acorn squash with apples is another simple heart healthy recipe and requires only apples, brown sugar, an acorn squash, and a little trans-free margarine. There are also several diabetic recipes that can be used by those suffering from diabetes. Desserts are generally off-limits to diabetics; however dessert recipes for a diabetic diet will allow an individual to enjoy a few healthy treats once in a while. Some of the most famous desserts for diabetics include Almond Biscotti, Pecan cupcakes, Cinnamon apple muffins, and baked apples with raisins. Almond stuffed pears require only almonds, pears, almond extract, and mint leaves and is a delicious and healthy dessert option for a diabetes patient.

Recipes for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux or GERD is a very common problem and is often caused by the excessive intake of unhealthy foods that are spicy and oily. People with this condition often refuse to follow a GERD diet as they believe that they will have to forfeit tasty food and follow a bland and insipid diet. There are, however, several recipes that are easy on the stomach and yet tasty and are perfect for those who are suffering from this condition. Recipes like Blue Cheese Crab and Fusilli Pasta, Mushroom Risotto, Green Beans Almondine, Fish Cakes, and Chicken Fajitas with Roasted Red Peppers are just some of the many GERD recipes. Seared fish with Basil Pea Puree is a tasty yet easy to prepare dish. To prepare this dish, you will require frozen peas, fresh basil, a 4 ounce filer of the fish of your choice and olive oil and pepper and salt. It is important to follow the diet recommended by your doctor to ensure a quick and complete recovery.