What can you do for a loose tooth or tooth socket?

Treatment for loose tooth

Sometimes you find that for a variety of reasons your tooth feels loose. This is usually because your gums are not tight enough. This causes a slackening of the gums and this in turn leads to teeth feeling loose. However if you experience other symptoms along with the shaky tooth, like bleeding gums or pain anywhere in your mouth, then you should visit your dentist at the earliest. For loose gums and teeth the most effective method is massaging. You can massage your gums with your fingers every morning and night. Some table salt mixed with a pinch of turmeric is also very beneficial to tighten loose teeth. Simply mix the two on the palm of your hand and using the tip of your finger massage well for at least ten minutes.

Using a mixture of table salt and a drop or two of mustard oil is also useful. In addition to this you can regulate your diet to ensure that your teeth remain healthy for long. Eating too much sugar can harm your teeth and so you should reduce your intake of sugary food. Avoid sucking on hard candy. Chewing gums often end up sticking to your teeth and can cause problems later on. Eating fresh fruit and green vegetables will help.

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