I am 16 yrs my tsh is 7.58ulU/ml and my scan shows multi nodular goitre is it serious, curable please advice me home remedies?

There are various kinds of goiter. If your son suffers from nodular goiter, then this means that more than one nodule in his thyroid gland has been affected. As a result they have begun manufacturing thyroid in excess.

It has long been accepted that kelp is an excellent supplement for people suffering from thyroid problems. Kelp contains properties that make it an excellent antioxidant. The high levels of iodine that it contains can help people with goiter. This helps the thyroid in carrying out its function. You procure it from a source where you can be certain of its being uncontaminated. Drying it well in the sun will ensure that it becomes brittle. It can then be powdered and stored for some time. This powdered kelp is can easily be added to the food that you make for your son. Including Primrose oil in your son's diet will also help since this is a source or essential fatty oils.

You can give your son hot fomentations. Make a cycle of the fomentations, with two hot fomentations followed by one cold fomentation.

You can also grind a handful of almonds using a little water to make a paste. Apply this paste to the growth on your son's neck at bedtime. Leave it on his neck during the night.

answered by G R

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