I had a habit of licking my lips all the time, so now my lips are pink. I have now stopped licking them and need the skin to grow back, but it's taking too long. What can I do to accelerate the growth of skin?

Our lips have a thin layer of oil or sebum to protect it from moisture loss. However, this oily layer may get depleted due to cold weather or licking of lips. As such, lips become dry and cracked, also called chapped lips. Some of the home remedies for healing chapped lips are as under:
  • You may apply petroleum jelly and beeswax to moisturize your lips, thereby rejuvenating the layer of oil on the lips. This would help prevent the lips from further drying.
  • One of the other home remedies for dry lips is to apply castor oil on your lips before going to bed at night and leave it overnight. This will help your lips appear smooth.
  • Another effective remedy to cure chapped and dry lips is to apply an extract of rose petals on your lips. You may soak rose petal in water and grind it to make a paste for application on dry lips.
  • You may also apply a blend of glycerin and lemon juice and apply it on the lips to relieve them from chappiness.
  • One of the other chapped lips remedies is application of milk cream which helps remove the dead skin cells caused by excessive drying, soothing your lips.
  • Application of mustard oil on dry lips also helps cure the affliction.
  • You must consume foods rich in Vitamin A like beet root, carrot, tomato and green leafy vegetables, among others. It helps nourish your skin and lips and prevent them from drying.
  • Application of a paste of Azadirachta indica ‘neem’ leaves on dry lips also helps relieve chapped leaves.
  • You must stay hydrated at all times and consume a lot of water and fruit juices. This revitalizes the layer of oil on the lips, curing chapped lips.
You may consult a dermatologist if the affliction is severe and persists for over a week, even after having employed one of the above mentioned home remedy.

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