How do you get rid of seed ticks?

It is very important to remove seed ticks correctly to avoid transmission of diseases by improper removal. If the tick isn't removed properly it could leave behind its body parts which could later lead to infection. If the body of the tick is crushed while removing it, then the tick might inject the contents of its stomach into the wound, also leading to infections. It is, this extremely important to remove the tick using a pair of tweezers to grasp the tick and then pull it out in a vertical movement. Once removed check, with a magnifying glass that it has been completely removed and wash your hands.

Another method to remove the tick is by applying a strip of 2inch masking tape on area where the tick is stuck and then peeling it off. The tick will get removed with the tape. However remember, never to apply Vaseline on the tick to soothe the itching, before removal because this will only make the process more difficult. Sometimes the symptoms of tick resulting diseases such as Lyme disease do not show up for several days or weeks, so if you notice any symptoms such as fever, muscle pain, chills, swollen glands and rash near the area of the tick wound in the next month after the bite, consult your doctor for medication. Above all, take adequate precautions while walking in tick-infested areas such as forests, by wearing clothing that fully covers your body and checking for ticks on your body, as well as that of your dog immediately after the outing.

answered by M W

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