My 7.5 Month Old Daughter Has An Infection In Her Eye. How Can I Treat It?

The eye infection is most likely to be conjunctivitis which is also known as pink eye. It occurs when the conjunctiva or the membranes of the eyes become inflamed. Eye inflammations may appear much worse than they actually are and this is often the case with conjunctivitis. It can lead to considerable redness and swelling, but rarely does it cause any damage to vision. School going children are often vulnerable to conjunctivitis due to constant interaction with other children and inadequate awareness about hygiene. The condition can also occur due to allergies and children who experience recurring allergies to grass, pollen and animal dander may be at a higher risk for pink eye. Most cases of conjunctivitis disappear without treatment. However the infection may be severe in some cases and proper medical treatment is required. It is possible to also manage conjunctivitis with some simple natural remedies.

  • Compresses are greatly effective in relieving itching, pain and irritation of the eyes. A mixture of turmeric powder, salt and water or milk is especially helpful.
  • You can also prepare a mixture of a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of water and add a couple of drops of this to each eye. Honey is a beneficial natural treatment for inflammation and pain.
  • A drop of castor oil added to each eye is known to alleviate the redness and discomfort.
  • Moist tea bags can be used to reduce inflammation caused by conjunctivitis. Boil the tea bags in water and once they cool, place on the affected eye.
  • Another good remedy for pink eye is calendula. It has antiseptic properties and hence helps to ease irritation caused by allergens. It can be used to make an effective eyewash or can also be used in the form of eye compresses.

answered by M W

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