Can I Take A Colon Detox And Organic Virgin Cocount Oil At The Same Time?

Yes, you can. In fact, you can even use coconut oil for your colon detox. Coconut oil cleanse is considered to be an excellent cleansing program, more potent than most other types of cleansing programs. With a virgin coconut oil detox, you can fix all kinds of digestive system disorders. Further, consuming organic virgin coconut oil can keep you healthy as this is one of the healthier fats. By using it as an ingredient in your foods as well as by using it for your colon cleanse, you can re-stabilize your digestive system.

You can consume two spoons of virgin coconut oil every few hours along with a natural detox diet. Studies have shown that drinking lemonade with rock salt through the day, along with two spoons of virgin coconut oil can help you retain your electrolyte balance while still keeping you hydrated enough to function normally. This diet helps you prevent the risk of developing yeast infections.

Coconut oil is also rich in antioxidants and helps keep you younger. You have better skin, a faster metabolism, and can absorb fat soluble vitamins with greater ease. Virgin coconut oil also keeps your gastrointestinal organs functioning well and is therefore ideal for those who experience digestive discomforts. Initially, you may experience frequent bowel movements, but this is just your colon clearing up.

Regular cleanse with coconut oil can also help you remove toxins from your body, maintain a healthy weight, and keep your organ systems working in a healthy manner. It is always best to speak with a doctor before opting for any detox or colon cleansing programs.

answered by S S

Each person may react slightly differently, but typically this combination would be OK.

Dr. Karen Benton, Naturopathic Physician

answered by Dr K B N

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